Monday, September 21, 2009

Must See movies

Ok so my sister in law and I went and saw the Proposal tonight. A must see movie. We laughed so hard we almost wet our pants. Whoever came up with this one was a genious and as for Sandra unless she used a body double congrats on that figure at 40. I wish we all could look that fabulous at 40. It would make a great date night movie but forget that and go see it with your friends. You must make time for the things you enjoy or there will come a time and you will wake up and go where did my life go and then you''l come to the realization that it came while you were waiting. Waiting for all of the other things to get done all of the to do lists and the chores and the biils and the dishes and all of the other things. Me well I have decided to have the things I enjoy especially since my Mom always said I would be a cheap date. I love the old movie theatre that gets the movies after the big theatres have stopped showing them. I am totally satisfied with a Happy Meal and I get a toy in the bargain. Life just does not get better than that. I want walks on the beach with my man cause they are free and we both enjoy them. Three dollars for a day pass at the local lake and we are all set for a great day. Wait I'm not waiting anymore.