Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Brag Book

Over at Rubies Studio Maghan made a Christmas brag book and I wanted to copy it and show you my finished project. While she used squares for her cover I had all these coasters from Olive Garden that my niece kyped for me. We were there having lunch one day and I looked at the coasters and said I wish I had more of them because they would make a great mini album. Right behind me was this huge stack of coasters and we left with them. I dont advocate kyping the coasters while your in a restaurant so ask, more than likely if you have been nice to your waiter they will give you some. Anyways, last night while watching Megan make this really terrific accordian fold book it came to me that this would be a perfect time to pull out those coaster and use them. Meghan made her accordian paper a bit bigger than mine, I needed to make mine small enough to fit inside the circle. Mine is made at 2 1/2 inches while hers was 3. If you want to see the video she did, which is amazing, go over to
She is giving away prizes for the new launch of her website so comment on some of her posts and maybe you will win. Thanks for looking.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I LOVE it Glenda! I would have never thought to use Coasters! So cute!!!! :) Great job and THANK YOU for sharing!

The Biggest Winner said...

That is really cool! I need to make one, but then it would just sit in a drawer because you know I would do nothing with it for years! Wish I had your drive to get things done!!

Nana said...

Love it... I just visit Olive Garden 2 weeks ago and you are so right...the waitress was super sweet and gave my daughter a need to kype lol... so guess what My new Gypsy and I are going to get busy.. thanks for the idea (thru Megan of course and I will thank her too)
I will be following you to see what you do inspirations wherever I can get them..