Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Paper Bag Book

So I have two full hours a day Monday through Friday where I drive my daughter and a friend to swim team practice to another town 20 minutes away. The economy being what it is I cannot drop them off come home and then go back to get them. So I take projects with me and fill up that two hours with my MP3 player and some alone time with my scrapbooking projects. The pool has tables in the foyer where I can spred out my stuff and jam to the music and work uninterrupted for two whole hours. Since I live in a house with 9 other people uninteruption is unheard of. Here is what I did yesterday with my time. I love the simplicity of the paper bag books and have been asked to do some for some of the kids on the swim team.


Natalie said...

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Okispice said...

To add the Groovy button, go to the Layout page, and click 'add a gadget, then scroll down until you see 'add a photo'. Browse for your photo and then upload it. Let me know if you need more help.

Suz said...

Hi great project.

check my blog - you were a winner last week!