Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone.

As we get ready to celebrate the Christmas season I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on how good this year has been. I got published, taught a class I designed, and had the owner of said design tell me my stuff was fabulous. For the New Year my goals are the same as this year with one new added one. 1. To get paid to play. 2. To get published. I would be entering every project I can this year and be more focused on getting multiple publishing. 3. To be on a design team. I am drooling over this one. I will make it happen this year. 4. this is a new one and one I am thrilled to add. I had such a great response from the class I taught that my new added goal this next year is to teach six new classes all designed by me. I know I can do it and cannot wait to get started. The students I had in my class this month all wanted to know what I am teaching next. I will keep you posted as things develop. As for how things went this year. I really struggled to get classes up at running at our local Michaels. The comments and feedback I received were very discouraging but I am not giving up and have renewed purpose for getting them going. There is a market there I just to figure out how to get it going. I am doing a huge Smash Book crop on the 14th to jump start the new year so we will see if that generates interest. I had really great classes I wanted to teach but tomorrow is a new day. My family is all well and plugging along with our lot in life right now. I just keep reminding myself that we wont be here forever and we are truly blessed with where we are. My husband finished out the year with a 3.87 in his classes and got all the classes he needs for next term. The next big hurdles is getting into the nursing program but I know God has that firmly in his hand. Merry Christmas Everyone and may you truly celebrate the reason for the Season.